Internal Services

Debbie Breck
964-4710, x5227

Fiscal Services

Accounting, Budgeting, Categoricals, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Inventory
Name Ext. Title
Keith Strohmaier 5257 Fiscal Services Controller
Araceli Vasquez 5294 Fiscal Services Manager
Patrice Nelson 5443 Fiscal Services Supervisor
Melissa Lee 5218 Senior Accounting Technician
Vacant 5297 Senior Accounting Technician
Patty Valadez 5296 Senior Accounting Technician
Elvia Bukal 5275 Accounting Technician
Rachel Hamamoto 5204 Senior Accounting Assistant
Sheila Takeuchi 5224 Accounting Assistant
Vacant 5291 Administrative Secretary II

Benefits and Risk Management

Judy Stepka 5210 Benefits Manager
Vacant 5288 Payroll and Benefits Assistant


Jessica Hallberg 5453 Payroll Supervisor
Shelagh Revells 5215 Payroll Technician
Claudia Weinstein 5230 Payroll Technician
Vacant 5288 Payroll and Benefits Assistant

Child Development Payments

Marci Steelman 5236 Accounting Technician
Heather Meyer Bradley 5274 Senior Accounting Assistant

Migrant Education Accounting

Elvia Bukal 5275 Accounting Technician


Internal Operations

South County Office

Name Ext. Title
Dwight Staggs 5234 Maintenance and Operations Manager
Allen Stepka 0 Maintenance Assistant
Vacant 0 Groundskeeper/Maintenance Worker
Phillip Dominguez 0 Custodian/Delivery Driver
Vacant 0 Custodian/Delivery Driver
Eulogio Salazar 0 Custodian/Delivery Driver
Javier Macias 0 Custodian
Frank Winai Lemos 5269 Delivery Specialist II
Victor Limon 5269 Delivery Specialist I

North County Office

Debra Hood 2203 Manager, Communication Strategies
Vern Sanborn 2201 Risk & Loss Control Manager
Donna Scott 2200 Administrative Secretary I
Manuel Aguilar 2203 Lead Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Alex De La Cruz 2227 Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Heracio Carrillo 2203 Custodian